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MLRO Masterclass (12th and 13th of April, 13th June)

14 March 2023

GACO is happy to announce its upcoming MLRO Masterclass.

Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLROs) act as the focal point within regulated entities for the oversight of all activity relating to anti-money laundering, counter terrorism and counter proliferation financing (AML/CTF/CPF). Therefore, MLROs need to be equipped with sufficient expertise and knowledge to fulfil their legal obligations. In a current rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, it is crucial for MLROs to continuously stay abreast of developments, risks, and good practices as they impact their legal responsibilities.

Therefore GACO has, with the assistance of David Parody developed this must go to half day face to face workshop, relevant to all types of regulated entity, the MLRO Masterclass, to guide you in key areas of your responsibilities by providing:

  • a thorough understanding of your duties and obligations as MLRO
  • expectations of your Regulator when you fulfill the role of MLR.
  • guidance for dealing with suspicious transactions and activity reports, including consent requests
  • insight into the implementation of key requirements, for example designing a risk assessment or sanctions screening.

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GACO welcomes again David Parody, the National Coordinator representative for AML/CFT on behalf of the Government of Gibraltar to deliver the workshop which is geared totally to MLROs and will provide indepth detail on what is expected from an MLRO, their role and responsibilities, how to analyse internal suspicious activity reports and reporting workflows. Lastly, David will cover sanctions requirements, given the significance these screening checks have gained in recent months, and what steps to take if a hit is identified.

The Director of the GFIU, Edgar Lopez, and the GFIU’s Head of Operations, Carl Ramagge, will also join us to deliver insights into good and bad practices when drafting and submitting suspicious activity reports and the legal requirements and processes to follow for consent requests.

Please note this event is specifically developed for MLROs and Deputy MLROs only and is not open to other compliance staff. Therefore a maximum of 2 persons per authorised entity, performing these roles, will be permitted to sign up.

As places are limited, please register online as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Sessions, Dates & Time

Wednesday 12th April 2023: 09.30-12.30
Thursday 13th April 2023: 09.30-12.30
Tuesday 13th June 2023; 9.30 - 12.30hrs


Finance Centre (Suite 761, Europort) 


GACO Members: £40 per attendee
Non-GACO Members: £80 per attendee
GACO Event Terms & Conditions do apply. Please check following link: 

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