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GACO Members


Carlos Martins

Deputy Chairman

Chas Foster

Executive Support Team

June Santos-Hailami


Marzia Manconi (Chair)
Adam Pokuszynski (Treasurer)
Carlos M. Martins
Eugenie Cottrell
Isaac Massias
Antonio Honorio
Soroush Kafiabadi


Chas Foster (Chair)
Janice Williams (Secretary)
Briseida Ayala-Mc Carthy
Nadine Bonfante
Annette Perales
Louis Chichon

Social Media & Networking

Esther Sanchez del Pozo (Chair)
Karishma Gracia
Paul Lennane
Henry McIntosh

GACO Members

AA Underwriting Insurance Company Limited
Abacus Financial Services Limited
Acquarius Trust Company
Admiral Insurance (Gibraltar) Limited
Advantage Insurance Company Limited
Arbor Trust Limited
Artex Risk Solutions (Gibraltar) Limited
BDO Limited
BMI Property Matters Limited
Boal & Co (Gibraltar) Limited
Burren Capital Advisors Limited
Callaghan Insurance Brokers Limited
Capurro Insurance & Investments Limited
Carboni Jardim + Co
Castiel Winser Financial Consultants Limited
Castle Rock Limited
Casualty & General Insurance Company (Europe) Limited ("CGICE")
Cornwalls Lane Services Limited
Currency Centre Limited
Deloitte Limited
ECE Nominees Limited
eToroX Limited
Europa Trust Company Limited
EY Limited
Eyas Gaming
Fiduciary Management Limited
Fiduciary Wealth Management Limited
Fiduciary Property Services Limited
Finsbury Trust & Corporate Services Limited
Form-A-Co (Gibraltar) Limited
Gesfin (Gibraltar) Limited
Gibraltar Asset Management Limited
Gibraltar Company Secretaries Ltd (Clintons Medtrust)
Gibraltar International Bank Limited
Gibraltar International Trust Corporation Ltd (GITCO)

Gibraltar Savings Bank
Gibro Corporate Management Limited
GM International Homes Limited
Gnosis Limited
Grandwood Limited
GSX Limited
Haven Insurance Company Limited
Helvetic Fund Administration Limited
HMCA Insurance Limited
Hyperion Wealth Management Limited
Ibex Insurance Services Limited
Idclear (Dolya Solutions Ltd)
International Bureau de Change Limited
IVCM Trustees (Gibraltar) Limited
Kenneth Navas Barristers & Solicitors
Kindred Group
KPMG Limited
Land Property Management Limited (BFA)
Logistable Limited
Lottomart (Maple International Ventures Ltd)
Main Secretarial Services Limited (WDR)
Mascarenhas Insurance & Finance Limited (Masbro)
Momentum Pensions (Gibraltar) Limited
Moneycorp Bank Limited
Moore Stephens Limited
NatWest Bank
North Atlantic Trust Company Limited
Orbital (PayPerform Technologies Limited)
Peninsula Underwriting
Phoenix Real Estate
Premier Insurance Company Limited
PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited
Quay Financials (Gibraltar) Limited
Quorum Business Solutions Limited
Razorthorn Security Limited
Red Sands Insurance Company (Europe) Limited
Redmount Trust Company Limited

Relay Administration Limited (Centurion)
Robus Risk Services
Rotunda Change Limited
RSM Gibraltar Limited
Scala Limited
Skyfire Insurance Company Limited (First Central)
Solomon Levy Estate Agents
Southern Rock Insurance Company Limited
Steadfast Corporate Services
Summit Management Limited
TAG Consultancy
TAP Global Limited
T&T Management Services Limited
Transact Payments Limited
Trusted Novus Bank
Turicum Private Bank Limited
Velay Financial Services Limited
Vigilis Services Limited (EGMGU)
W Capital Management (Gibraltar) Limited
Whitmill Trust Company (Gibraltar) Limited
Willis Towers Watson Management (Gibraltar) Limited
Wincent Capital Management Limited
WinSure Advisory Trust Limited
Xreg Compliance Limited
T&T Management Services Limited
The Medical Professional Liability Company Ltd (The MPLC)
Transact Payments Limited
Trusted Novus Bank (ex Jyske Bank)
Turicum Private Bank Limited
Velay Financial Services Limited
Vigilis Services Limited (EGMGU)
W Capital Management (Gibraltar) Limited
Watch and Bullion Limited
Whitmill Trust Company (Gibraltar) Limited
Willis Towers Watson Management (Gibraltar) Limited
Xapo Bank Limited
Xreg Compliance Limited

Individual Members

Brian Hill
Caroline Gilchrist Estella
Dipak Lakhani
Henry McIntosh
Henry Reid
Isaac Abraham Massias
Janice Williams
Joanne Wild
Leanne Turnbull
Luke Jianlu Kou
Mary Boyd
Mary Sandra Naughton
Michelle Drakes
Niamh Brangan
Nyree Ceesay
Patricia Ines Espindola
Simon Everington

Honorary Members

Gibraltar Association of New Technologies
Gibraltar Courts Service
Gibraltar Financial Intelligence Unit
Gibraltar Financial Services Commission
Gibraltar Gambling Division
Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
OFT - Office of Fair Trading
Royal Gibraltar Police
HM Customs Gibraltar