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21st March - GACO Webinar - The importance and relevance of having a robust Compliance Monitoring Plan

23 February 2024

As regulatory compliance obligations continue to multiply, achieving a clear picture of your performance around good governance and compliance is more important than ever.

Organizations have responded to this challenge by implementing increasingly stringent compliance monitoring programs. Larger and more complex businesses and smaller, simpler ones face issues ensuring they meet their obligations across all their entities.

Compliance monitoring refers to the quality assurance tests organizations do to check how well their business operations meet their regulatory and internal process obligations.

This need to monitor compliance performance is often a regulatory requirement; regulators like the GFSC and the FCA or the International Organization for Standardization require firms applying for approval to operate to detail their compliance monitoring plans, for instance. Ongoing, the robustness of organizations’ monitoring programs can form a central tenet of compliance with the rules that govern them.

Compliance training generally encompasses sharing knowledge on legislation and approach to complying with this but largely misses the part on how to practically apply and monitor compliance. In this first session we are going down to the basics. We shall explore what is a Compliance Monitoring Programme, how do we develop one, what should it include and a tip on an evolution to the "traditional" CMP. Join us on this webinar and "let's get down to the basics."

GACO is very happy to have engaged Richard Wood from TAG Consultancy to deliver this very interesting and crucial webinar for any licensed entity or wanting to be licensed entity.

Richard has:

  • 21 years in Law Enforcement - with speciality in Criminal Intelligence
  • 18 years experience in MLRO, Compliance, Risk Management and Governance in the following Financial Services Sectors - Insurance (Intermediary, Insurer and Insurance Management), Fiduciary and Trust, Wealth Management & Funds
  • Now moved to setting up his own Consultancy in collaboration with TAG Consultancy

Training Type: Webinar

Date: 21st March 2024

Time: 9.30hrs - 11.00hrs (incl. Q&A)

Fees: GACO Members: £40; Non-Members: £60

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