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GACO Financial Crime Training 2023

16 October 2023

GACO has prepared in total 3 half day sessions and the sessions are subdivided into "Professional" and "Intermediate" Training. The “Professional” training is aimed particularly at senior/experienced members of compliance and MLROs. This year the sessions will be on a face to face basis with David Parody and held at the Leisure Cinemas at the King’s Bastion Leisure Centre. As places are limited, please register online as soon as possible to avoid disappointment . Places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Please find below further details of the event.

Sessions, Dates & Time

  • Professional Training: 9th November 2023; 09.30 - 12.30hrs
  • Intermediate Training: 9th November 2023; 13.30 - 16.30hrs
  • Professional Training: 10th November 2023; 09.30 - 12.30hrs


  • Leisure Cinemas at the King’s Bastion Leisure Centre


  • GACO Members: £40 per attendee
  • Non-GACO Members: £80 per attendee

Why This Training is Important

Financial crime training courses are key to understanding how to detect and prevent specific financial crime risks, fraud, data and information security, bribery and corruption. Designed for both financial crime prevention professionals and members of staff that need to understand compliance risk our yearly courses equip all our members working in a regulated sector and subject to the regulations of POCA. 
The increase in and varieties of financial crime continue to challenge individuals, firms and regulators the world over. Success in managing this constantly evolving risk involves a strategic approach and the importance of having the right knowledge and skills cannot be underestimated.

Proper compliance training is capable of empowering individuals to execute their role with greater confidence, as it will focus on and create an understanding of academic, practical and international frameworks that are crucial to their role. It will also help them understand more than just their job role; it will give them an appreciation for wider compliance issues, as well as best practice.

This course will have an intermediate level and professional level for which the target audience is relevant staff of all financial institutions, and all relevant staff in the gaming industry, staff of Real Estate Agents and any other DNFBPs, staff of law enforcement agencies, financial intelligence units, fraud and compliance managers, MLROs, risk management professionals, fintech firms, policy makers, regulators, consultants and senior practitioners.

GACO is very happy to have been able to re-engage David Parody, the National Coordinator for AML/CFT on behalf of the Government of Gibraltar, to provide anti-money laundering training. David, will bring all participants up to speed on the latest developments in AML, CFT and CPF in an entertaining and passionate manner. David will provide training on the latest developments, providing an update for example on Moneyval and the grey listing, updates to GFSC Guidance, impact of sanctions, structures and the 25% quota and explaining in detail what is locally relevant for the achievement of the obligations of the Compliance Officer and/or Money Laundering Reporting Officer or the members of the Compliance Team of your business. Compliance is the responsibility of all and it will provide information which the Compliance Team can then pass on during internal training for other employees to ensure they are kept abreast of any developments.