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25 February 2022

GACO is planning to offer an Open Source Investigation Skills webinar. Before we set up the webinar, we would like to know how many of our members would like to attend such a webinar.

Register your interest here: 

The description of the webinar would be the following:

Make better decisions armed with the best information with a CPD certified Open Source Investigations for Due Diligence course. Said training will give you the confidence and security that you are accessing the most credible data and are doing it safely.

What will you learn?

  • Understanding what the Internet is
  • Investigative principles
  • How to find better information and quickly
  • Finding the right data about companies and entities
  • How to deal with foreign language
  • How to identify credible information sources 
  • The difference between information and intelligence
  • Accessing other sorts of information generally hidden to less advanced users
  • Accessing social media platforms
  • Practical exercises

If you and any other of your employees would be interested in attending such a webinar, please register your interest and let us know who would like to attend this webinar by logging your interest under the following link: 

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