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Potential Webinar - Why Is It Important to Have a Business Plan?

04 October 2022

GACO wishes to gauge interest with his members to see how much interest and appetite there would be for a master class around the importance for any type of business in having a business plan, what it should contain and why it is important not least because of the regulatory requirements tied up to it.

Even the smallest business can benefit from writing up a business plan. In short, a business plan allows you to communicate your vision to others and persuade them to help you meet your goals. It will include thorough market research and detailed information about your marketing strategies, target audience, staff, obstacles and goals. The two primary reasons for writing a business plan are strategic partnerships and more business efficiency.

A business plan will help you identify what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to track your success and adjust accordingly. Many business owners have benefited from submitting to the importance of making a business plan before the implementation was needed. It gives you clarity and plan when things might get heated otherwise. It allows you and your team the ability to prioritize your objectives, establish time lines and tools to measure your success, and find ways to reduce costs, change marketing strategies or increase profits. A strong business plan also can help you attract top-level employees.

It may be easier to hire someone to write a business plan for you. However, completing the business plan yourself is more beneficial for your business. Developing your business plan requires detailed consideration, plenty of research and exceptional brainstorming. If you complete your own business plan, you will be better prepared to explain your business' processes and address questions about your business.

In this master class we will show you what you need to include in a Business Plan and deliver useful tools that will make sure every attendee to the webinar will be able to review the current business plan or to create a business plan in a few easy steps. 

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Once we have the numbers of interested people, we will decide on the format of the event and will provide you with full details fir the same including a suggested date.