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ESG Reporting Challenges and how to address them

01 February 2023

Environment, social and governance (ESG) reporting: It’s new, it’s evolving and it’s all over the place. As it stands, comparability between ESG reports is low and the investors’ demand for consistency is high. While most current frameworks are voluntary, they won’t be for long. Reform, global standardization and mandatory disclosure is only a matter of time.

The time has come to get prepared for ESG reporting. Let’s explore the biggest obstacles to producing ESG reports so you can start addressing these challenges before they bottleneck your reporting efforts.

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The main challenges could be summarized as follows: multiple ESG frameworks, evolving regulations, complex data management, understanding, managing & quantifying ESG risks and using ESG performance to improve ESG plans. 

ESG reporting seems challenging because it’s new, elusive, impacts every financial process, and because the stakes, for the sustainability motivated investor, are very high.

Above all, there are monumental risks to ignoring environmental and social risk factors.

GACO is very happy to have engaged Martin Raab from Global Green Xchange to deliver a very interesting webinar on the ESG Reporting Challenges and on how to address them in an effective manner. 

ESG and Sustainable Investing have become hotly debated topics. The “ESG Inside Tour” by Global Green Xchange is a comprehensive tour d’horizon about current trends in Sustainability, Insights about ESG data and the challenges of ESG ratings as well as the impact and opportunities for the asset management industry.

Martin Raab

Martin Raab is a long-time investment professional, book author and member of the Board of Directors of Global Green Xchange. He oversees the ESG Ratings & ESG Data division. As a frequent publisher, he regularly analyses and reports on various topics related to sustainability and investments. He is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst.

Global Green Xchange

Global Green Xchange AG is an innovative ESG solution provider that provides access and information on sustainable investments and financial products for professional and private investors. With our own ESG raw data, we provide transparency and therefore create an overview through our GGX ESG Ratings. The mission is to be an international leader in transparency and easy access to sustainable investments.

Date: 15/02/2023
Time: 09.30 - 11.00hrs
Format: Online Webinar
Course Fee: GBP 35 for GACO, GFIA and GANT Members; GBP 50 for non-Members

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