Webinar: Why Cybersecurity should be your TOP Priority! 31st March

15 March 2022

Businesses have been trying to keep their data and assets safe from malicious actors for decades now.  Cybersecurity is not a new trend, but it is a trend that is very visibly growing in relevance and importance.

As humanity’s dependency on technology has grown so has the threat vector surface, which has expanded exponentially and will only continue to do so.  The reason is an obvious one… the more devices we connect to the internet, the more vulnerable and prone we become to cyber orientated attacks.
It is a complex picture that is ever evolving in today’s dynamic, and technology driven environments, and it is becoming increasingly clear that organisations which prioritise and implement a strong, holistic cybersecurity strategy are the ones that will gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With the potential to make millions in profit, cyber criminals and hackers are becoming increasingly more organised, and operating with organisational structures very similar to that of legit businesses. 
Prof Kevin Curran, senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and professor of cybersecurity at Ulster University claims that … “Many have cybercrime units, which have roles that we typically come across in any large legitimate business such as partner networks, associates, resellers, and vendors. They even have dedicated call centres which are typically used to help with requests from ransomware victims.  Of course, they use sophisticated methods to remain hidden, such as encryption, dark web forums, virtual private networks and other obfuscation techniques. They even offer franchises that allow other hackers to replicate their botnets and vectors of compromise, as well as offering training. They often have global reach, and recruit based on aptitude, technical and criminal. Cybercrime has become an industry.”

While some industry verticals are at greater risk of cyber threats than others, every business needs to be aware of and prepared for potential threats and have a plan in place to remediate risks and potential vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity is complex but finding ways to secure your business and data does not need to be.  GACO is proud to have been able to engage a locally based specialist on Cybersecurity to deliver this extremely interesting webinar, that will advise on how you can protect your company reputation and assets in a cost-efficient manner using publicly available resources, regardless of your company size or level of digitization.

Kaelan Joyce MSc - Technical Compliance Expert (Cybersecurity) at Entain PLC

Kaelan is a Cybersecurity Expert with over a decade of experience in FTSE100 listed, multinational organisations.  He was once headhunted by Facebook’s Tech Recruitment team and has over a decade of experience in dynamic and technology driven environments. 
Kaelan holds a Master’s Degree in Information Security that is fully accredited by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and holds internationally recognised professional qualifications such as ISACA’s CISA and the Payment Card Industry’s PCI DSS ISA. 

Date: 31st March 2022
Time: 9.30hrs - 11hrs (including Q&A)
Type: Webinar
Fees: £35 (GACO Members)/£50 (Non-Members)


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