Free Webinar: Safer Gambling & Player Protection - Trends, Opportunities and Solutions

23 September 2021

Player protection and the promotion of safer gambling feature high on the agenda for operators. Pressure is increasing on operators to improve efforts in this area.

Player protection is such an important and serious topic for anyone working in or around the gambling industry. A lot of pressure is put upon operators to improve efforts in this area and rightly so. But are we being given the opportunity to understand the evidence we have about gambling related harm and implement strategies that make a significant difference to people’s lives in a climate where results are expected immediately and you can’t do right or wrong?

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Prohibition does not work, overregulation does not work either. We need a sensible approach to ensure that people are able to gamble safely and understand the risks involved. Furthermore we need to have effective regulation and an industry that is committed to the highest possible player protection standards.

We need to focus on the right areas and look at the pressing issues to find solutions that will enable us to minimise harm.

We need to talk about the best ways to keep the gaming operators, commercial teams and player protection teams on the same page and to promote a player protection culture throughout entire gamgling organisations. Let’s consider gambling harm as a public health issue and as a public relations issue and understand what all of this means for how we go about our business.

We must not lose sight of the fact that many of the staunch anti-gambling voices come from a place where they have experienced great personal pain due to problem gambling in themselves or loved ones. Player protection is crucial because problem gambling can and does ruin lives.

Player protection tools are a vital element for consumer empowerment but require a well thought out approach to supplement them. They serve to not only minimise gambling-related harm but also to prevent it.

We are fortunate to have in Gibraltar a renowned specialist in Compliance, Safer betting and player protection issues and that has been providing the industry with state of the Art Solutions: Paul Foster and his team at Crucial Compliance.

Paul will be delivering this webinar and show the psychology beyond the issues related to safer gambling and player protection and be able to provide and overview of the measures and state of art solutions to be implemented in order for gambling providers to continue to operate in a social responsible manner and at the same time to improve the experience for their clients.

Join us at this highly interesting webinar, either because you are a gambling operator or because you are a player (I am sure the majority of us are) to learn more about this fascinating and at times heavily publicly debated topic.


Date: 6th October 2021
9.30am - 11.00am
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This webinar is offered free of charges to GACO, GFIA and GANT Members and to all Gambling Companies regulated by GGC
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4th October 2021 - 12pm

Paul Foster

Chief Executive Officer at Crucial Compliance Limited

Paul Foster is the Chief Executive Officer at Crucial Compliance Limited based in Gibraltar.Currently leading a pivotal Compliance Consultancy and Tech business solutions organisation, offering quality international solutions for companies of all sizes. I believe in developing collaborative partnerships built on trust, integrity and high-quality delivery.

Crucial Compliance has innovative solutions to common problems, where it is often better to pay for quality than quantity. I work with a group of experienced people with unrivalled expertise and capabilities across diverse industries and business functions all linked to managing change. Our connection to high quality gaming individuals will be vital in driving high quality compliance and our partnership with Industry suppliers will provide ease in delivering optimum service solutions (Compliance, CRM, Affiliates, Analytics, Technology).

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